killertatertots (killertatertots) wrote in octranspo,

2 great things on the bus today

Had 2 great female bus drivers today.
First, while I was standing waiting for the 143 (which only goes once an hour), the same bus in the other direction came by, and the driver stopped it, depsite no one getting on or off, and called me over from the window, said she just does the loop so i might as well come for the ride instead of waiting outside. Very nice.
Then, later, on a different bus, on riverside, a very busy road, these 2 nutters were jaywalking slowly across the road, literally stopping traffic. this was not at an intersection. the bus and cars barely avoiding them, and they were doing it to get to the bus. so when she opened her doors she gave them a lecture about waiting for the next bus and it being dangerous, etc.

Just sharing.
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