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Presto is comming to a bus near you
oc1203 wrote in octranspo
Saw this reader on my local the other day note these are only test devices the working ones will be installed some time this month or in April. More info can be found here

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Installations are being done now, completion in April.. May will be test month. 500 people will have Presto cards and will be using them to test the system. Go live is July 1.

So in theory, will we be able to use our Presto cards on any system in the province that use it? E.g, it I take the one I use for GO Trains when I visit Ottawa, will it still work?

Also, any word on discounts like they do on GO?

Edited at 2012-04-01 06:36 pm (UTC)

In theory yes though Ottawa will have the Presto next generation readers and cards.
I have heard different things on the compatibility of Presto first generation cards and Ottawa's/Gatineau's card readers as the new cards will be compatible with the sto network
as for discounts its to early to tell more info will be released as it gets closer to the Go Live date.

Edited at 2012-04-05 07:35 am (UTC)

I looked at the pamplet the other day. It seems we will beable to share the presto card as it will have no pic. But the Q I have is what about para transpo. Will people beable to share thier presto with someone who goes on para? Even though I like the thought of sharing the pass, I can see how this is really going to lose the city lots of money. People who use tickets now can just borrow someones pass, and same with people who work different shifts can just lend thier passes as well.

If you travel on Para Transpo you also don't need PRESTO, and can continue to use your existing pass, cash or tickets. Look for more details later this year!

Can we still buy the old-style monthly pass-cards?

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