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One way OC is losing at least $14 Million per year.
gottaloveit2 wrote in octranspo
According to http://ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/tc/2012/01-26/01%20-%20Doc%201.pdf 

We have 53000 Upasses.

A Upass is the equivalent of a rural express pass that costs a Student $113.00 per month.

A Upass costs $180.00 for four (4) months.

53 000 u passes @ $180 term = $9 540 000
53 000 u passes @ $113 x 4 months (student rural express pass)  = $23 956 000
The City of Ottawa / Oc Transpo is losing $14 416 000 on the Upass deal.

...but it's revenue neutral or charity?

- Jstagrl xox

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UPass should only be regular routes. Students pay $360 each year for the pass and since a student rural express pass costs $113, they are getting $904 worth of service. Give them a access to regular routes, which a pass would only cost $75 per month and they would still be getting $600 worth of service for the 8 months they have the UPass. Most students that would be regularly buying a bus pass without the UPass would be buying a regular pass and not a rural express anyways.

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