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One way OC is losing at least $14 Million per year.
gottaloveit2 wrote in octranspo
According to http://ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/tc/2012/01-26/01%20-%20Doc%201.pdf 

We have 53000 Upasses.

A Upass is the equivalent of a rural express pass that costs a Student $113.00 per month.

A Upass costs $180.00 for four (4) months.

53 000 u passes @ $180 term = $9 540 000
53 000 u passes @ $113 x 4 months (student rural express pass)  = $23 956 000
The City of Ottawa / Oc Transpo is losing $14 416 000 on the Upass deal.

...but it's revenue neutral or charity?

- Jstagrl xox

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The fact is the City is losing 14.5 million. They are giving 24 Million worth of service for 9.5 million. The other fact is that most students use the upass - AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THE DEAL THEY ARE GETTING. A upass can be used as regular fare, express, Rural, AND Para Transpo. IMO to save some face the Upass should only be used on regular routes since students are overloading every bus going through the core only to a few stops on the transitway - dense? This is bad for people who can't get on the express bus downtown that takes them all the way home.

What about the students who can't get on ANY bus for the same reason?

You're not being reasonable.

UPass should only be regular routes. Students pay $360 each year for the pass and since a student rural express pass costs $113, they are getting $904 worth of service. Give them a access to regular routes, which a pass would only cost $75 per month and they would still be getting $600 worth of service for the 8 months they have the UPass. Most students that would be regularly buying a bus pass without the UPass would be buying a regular pass and not a rural express anyways.


You do realize that only about 48% of students bought any pass at all, before the upass, and the majority of those only bought discount regular term passes anyway...

Re-do your math and take a chill pill. Trust me, you're breaking even on this deal.

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