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One way OC is losing at least $14 Million per year.
gottaloveit2 wrote in octranspo
According to http://ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/citycouncil/tc/2012/01-26/01%20-%20Doc%201.pdf 

We have 53000 Upasses.

A Upass is the equivalent of a rural express pass that costs a Student $113.00 per month.

A Upass costs $180.00 for four (4) months.

53 000 u passes @ $180 term = $9 540 000
53 000 u passes @ $113 x 4 months (student rural express pass)  = $23 956 000
The City of Ottawa / Oc Transpo is losing $14 416 000 on the Upass deal.

...but it's revenue neutral or charity?

- Jstagrl xox

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That is completely BS math.

They aren't LOSING $14 million dollars. The proper comparison isn't the cost of 53,000 student rural express passes, it's the cost of the passes students would otherwise buy.

For example, if a student wouldn't buy a pass at all, OC Transpo GAINS the full $180.
If a student would otherwise purchase a regular monthly student pass, one could say that OC Transpo loses $120 over 4 months.
If a student would use a DayPass one day each week, OC Transpo is gaining about $60 over the 4 months.

The proper comparison isn't the full value of the pass, the comparison is what OC Transpo would get from the students if the Upass wasn't offered. Otherwise, you're saying that they're losing money they wouldn't have gotten anyway. (Because how many students actually need a rural express pass?)

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