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Confused about SW Transitway
roguemountie wrote in octranspo
This may seem like a stupid question, but I have never ridden the south-western Transitway before. Does the 95 stop at Woodroffe? The OC Transpo webpage for 95 makes no mention of a Woodroffe stop. The map shows it going directly from Baseline to Fallowfield.  Google maps shows a stop at Woodroffe. I'm guessing that because Woodroffe isn't technically on the Transitway, they don't show the stop. But how am I supposed to find out? (Before you warn me, I already know the 95X only goes to Baseline.)

I know that on local routes, they leave minor stops off the maps and schedules. But shouldn't there be a way to get a list of EVERY possible stop of a certain route from the OC Transpo website? It seems like this would be an important feature.

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Hello, the 95 and the 94 both stop at Meadowlands, Norice, Knoxdale, (fail to remember name), Hunt Club, Sportsplex, then Fallowfield. The 95 then continues along transit way to Longfields, Strandheard and Marketplace. The OC Transpo mobile sight certainly offers a listing of all stops along route. Perhaps it is difficult to locate on main sight. I know that they follow these boards, si I trust that perhaps someone will look into this for the future. In the meantime, have a great day.


I think that there is actually a transitway stop that is called Woodroffe in Barhaven. Having never been out there, I"m not sure what goes out there and I"m assuming it's like dominion that's like a whistle stop right near westboro.

Other than that I"m no help.

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