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Oh noes I dropped my Ipod
high_watermark wrote in octranspo
I was on a 95 bus on Thursday morning happily listening to my ipod when my stop at Tunney's came along. The bus was pretty packed full of people and I was sitting near the front. As I got up, my headphones got snagged on someone's bag and the ipod flew out of my purse, detached from the earbuds and landed in places unknown. I frantically yelled for everyone around me to check under their feet for the offending ipod. Nowhere.

I mentioned the bus was packed. The silence was deafening. I was searching for a good minute and a half which is an eternity in rush hour with people gawping at you. Finally a girl said she thought she saw it go in between the cracks of my seat. I asked the lady who was sitting next to me to stand up. I folded the seat over and there my ipod was, resting on a metal bar that was otherwise hidden from view. I yelled out "Thank you so much. I'm so sorry!" A fellow passenger said "At least you got it back."

THANK YOU a million times to the driver who stayed put until I got my ipod. He could have driven to the next stop after impatience gave way to exasperation but he stayed at the station while I searched. I immediately called OC Transpo once I got to my office but I was in such a tizzy that I forgot to get the bus' number. I really hope that the wonderful lady in customer service got the message out to you. If not, maybe you're a reader on here. And thank you to my fellow riders who were hopefully not late for work as a result of a fluke incident.

**On a side note, had my ipod been lost forever, I was relieved in retrospect to have such an awesome playlist on the go. I don't know why, but someone searching my ipod and finding NKOTB on there is like being rescued from a burning building while wearing dirty underwear.

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One time I was actually listening to NKOTB on the bus. And I had this irrational (?) fear that I'd keel over and become known as the NKOTB megafan who croaked on OC Transpo, and that would be my legacy. I skipped to the next track to avoid tempting fate on that one.

If you had keeled over on the bus, the first thing I'd do would be to look through your playlist and judge you based on that. Then I might call for help LMAO


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