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Winds of change
operator4change wrote in octranspo
The atmosphere at work yesterday was of higher morale than I've seen in years. A lot of members feel that Mercier manipulated #'s and scenario's in order to deceive the public and the media.

Strict gag orders and code of conduct rules prevented many from being able to get some truth out there.

My personal opinion is that with change comes hope. At least opportunity to work toward a better deal and workplace. The old regime didn't seem to have the ability to grow, communicate or accept criticism or suggestion. The fluff was all there but clear evidence of dismissal of such ideas was far more prevalent.

There is a sense of break in the dark cloud that has loomed above us for 5+ years. One can only hope that some sunlight will manage to creep through.

It is my hope that a change at the top will permit the members to embrace change and accept some of the responsibility for the present state. With resent bygone - a better attitude going forward can only help us all.

Cheers and thank you.


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Let us hope this higher moral turns into better service at the door. Too many grunts and gruffs who clearly found opening the door for the annoyance known as passengers used Mercier's plans as an excuse.

Well it will take a while to elevate morale long term but I do agree with you - you have to give to get. At some point the excuses have to stop and responsibility taken for personal attitude and actions. I can only control myself and I assure you every passenger gets a thank and wished well while exiting. I smile and I am as courteous as I can be as long as I can be. That being said, I still get told off and yelled at. One can only hope it will change.

Cheers and thank you.

You'll get rude and inconsiderate clients everywhere you go. I'm in public service and 1 in 10 are like that. Violence and threats should not be tolerated and security should be alerted at every occasion. If not, statistics will never show reality.

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