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Mercier out as OC Transpo boss
refbump wrote in octranspo

A stunning restructuring at Ottawa City Hall was announced by city manager Kent Kirkpatrick Wednesday, with OC Transpo GM Alain Mercier being booted from the job.

Replacing Mercier immediately will be former public works GM John Manconi, a well-respected bureaucrat among councillors.

Kirkpatrick said Manconi has experience rebuilding a senior management team, looking after front-line morale and having a good relationship with the union.

The city's reorganization means the transit department, through Manconi, will report to deputy city manager of operations Steve Kanellakos instead of deputy city manager Nancy Schepers.

Schepers' branch is being renamed "planning and infrastructure" and she will oversee Lansdowne Park and other real estate partnerships.

Larry O'Keefe will become acting general manager of public works.

The executive of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 279, which represents drivers and maintenance workers, expressed relief on the removal of Mercier.

President Garry Queale said he felt bad someone lost a job, but he believes all of Transpo's problems led back to Mercier.

"His best just wasn't good enough," Queale said, adding it felt like he was "pissing in the wind" when dealing with Mercier.

Asked how his membership would be feeling today, Queale said "ecstatic."

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Time to play the song: Na Na Na Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye!

He won't be missed among the public and the drivers, that's for sure.

The list of failures by him is just too long to post it here! But of of course the strike, the massive route cuts and fare hikes will be part of his legacy.

Hopefully Mr. Marconi will put some order back. He cannot do worst then Mr. Mercier.

Why do I feel like the city is trying to make him a scapegoat for their own horrible decision to improve the "efficinecy" of the transit system? Because if this was about the job he did negotiating during the transit strike of 2008, they would have sacked him years ago.

Someone said elsewhere "The union is very happy about the new guy" Be afraid, be very afraid.

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