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York Region Transit Strike - Now Day 51
jcl_8 wrote in octranspo
For those who are unaware, York Region Transit (just north of Toronto) have been on strike since October 24. Today marks Day 51, and their labour disruption will now surpass OC"s strike back in 2008-09.

Various CFRA talk show host (particularly Steve Madely, Lowell Green and Rob Snow) have been real proponents of privatization/outsourcing operations of transit to private contractors as a way of reducing cost and eliminating labour disruption. They should take note that York Region Transit has FOUR private contractors operating their transit system. THREE OF THE FOUR private contractors are offline during this labour disruption.

Here is the link: http://yrt.ca/en/serviceupdates/strike.asp

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Agreed. Their advice will have to be round-filed in light of the York Region mess in progress.

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