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metawidget wrote in octranspo
So, this evening on the way home with Oscar the baby strapped to me and laden down with bags, my shoulder popped out (this is a chronic thing that just happens to me sometimes). I was talking with some friendly baby-woodgie-ing people on the #2 a little before 6, and reached to put up his sleeping hood and felt it go. It wasn't too bad, so I thought I'd see if it just slipped back in if I relaxed it as much as possible. No such luck, and so at the end of the route, I told the driver my shoulder had popped out and I might need a little time and maybe a hand with my stuff while I put myself back together.

The driver pulled over to the time-stop around the corner, called in, offered an ambulance (I wasn't quite ready for one), asked if I could stand (I managed), and was sort of reluctant to do any sort of manual intervention (there must be a "don't touch the rider" policy, which is probably a good thing most of the time). He phoned in again to tell someone he would be running a little late, and helped me get buckles and straps undone on a messenger bag, a backpack, a coat and a baby, stood around and talked to me while I popped my shoulder back in (it's a lot easier when I'm a little distracted and when I'm not wearing 50 pounds of gear and baby). Oscar slept through the whole thing — pop out around Preston, ride to the end of the line, chat, unload, sleep on the cooperative seating, let me pop in, put him and everything back on. The driver was patient, methodical and friendly through it all, and fended off a possibly grumpy dispatcher all the while. So, for all the unhappy or odd OC stories out there, I thought I'd add this to the Internet. Thanks, Mr. Driver, and happy holidays!

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If you know the bus number you were on, or even the Op's number please call this in to OC it would be wonderful for this driver to receive an accomdation for his efforts to put on his file.

This is a great story (aside from the fact that your should popped out). It's a shame nobody caught it on their iphone and sent it to every media outlet in the city, but then again that kind of stuff doesn't make good news.

I'm glad you got to pop your shoulder back in without too much fuss. I dislocated my knee a few years ago, but it was a bit harder to fix it without creating a scene, not to mention to walk on it for about a month afterwards.

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