Christina - Her Randomness (evilvillan_1) wrote in octranspo,
Christina - Her Randomness

A Kudos and a funny picture

Kudos: Kudos to the driver of the #95 to Place d'Orleans yesterday at just after 1pm. My cellphone fell out of my purse, and was left in the bus by accident. I called it, when I realized it was MIA and the driver, who was on his SEVEN MINUTE break before starting his next run came into the mall and found me to deliver it. Sir, I forgot your driver # (which I had asked for), but if you read this - THANK YOU. You quite seriously saved my skin, since I don't get a replacement on the phone if I lose it. Merci beaucoup!

Now, for a funny picture. Totally legit, I took it with my Blackberry. I'm not reporting it to OC Transpo directly though, because this is so much more amusing that they either didn't realize the mistake or simply didn't care.

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