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A Kudos and a funny picture
evilvillan_1 wrote in octranspo
Kudos: Kudos to the driver of the #95 to Place d'Orleans yesterday at just after 1pm. My cellphone fell out of my purse, and was left in the bus by accident. I called it, when I realized it was MIA and the driver, who was on his SEVEN MINUTE break before starting his next run came into the mall and found me to deliver it. Sir, I forgot your driver # (which I had asked for), but if you read this - THANK YOU. You quite seriously saved my skin, since I don't get a replacement on the phone if I lose it. Merci beaucoup!

Now, for a funny picture. Totally legit, I took it with my Blackberry. I'm not reporting it to OC Transpo directly though, because this is so much more amusing that they either didn't realize the mistake or simply didn't care.

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Re: the driver's conduct

Three cheers and a salute!

Re: the picture


Usually, they do pay attention to this level of detail!

Edited at 2011-12-05 05:02 pm (UTC)

Can we say "dated poster" or what? :-)

And yes, this driver behaviour is the kind of action that *should* be publicized. There's a lot of bad press with regard to drivers out there ... and idiots like the _Ottawa Sun_ are [IMNSHO] leading the charge. :-/

Duncan, on that last point, expect an e-mail with a URL of possible interest to you!

The Ottawa Sun is Ottawa's version of tabloid sensationalist news. Which is also why it's so cheap, because it's crap.

To be fair, I think I took the picture back in August since I would assume, perhaps incorrectly, that they changed it out once September rolled around and the schedules of everything changed.

Maybe you'd want that URL too, now that I've seen this.

My favourite part of the picture is the juxtaposition of 1989 with the URL of OC Transpo's website.

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that OC Transpo did not have a website in 1989. ;)

plus in the 90`s to dial your bus stop you dialed 560- plus your bus stop number. The ditzy sounding woman 560-1000 only came around in the 2000`s. So I know that they`re just lazy.

The "effective" date refers to the route map, not the schedule. Schedules are updated nonstop (it seems) - routes on the other hand were a little more stable pre-optimization.

On the old (and better-designed IMO) route maps they went as far back as 1986 - I think that was the 14 but could be mistaken.

Does anyone else find the new diagrams harder to read? I hate the small fonts and preponderance of red...

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