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Driver Assault
anudderdriver wrote in octranspo
I'm surprised this was in the paper and I wish all driver assaults were in the paper. Let the public know what's goes on all the time.


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If the union would have yelled foul if this had been video taped by a passenger.

That's just it. Thousands upon thousands of Operator assaults across North America every year and, in not one of those cases, that I'm aware of, did a passenger record an Operator assault.

When passengers videotape transit workers, while the recording may show bad behaviour, the recording rarely provides context for the entire incident, or extenuating circumstances involved, and causes the general public to overreact. Remember the sleeping subway collector?


Did this guy deserve the treatment he received in the media and on comment boards?

I have no problem with passengers recording bad behaviour, but these videos should be going to the authorities who will conduct a proper and fair investigation, not posted anonymously to YouTube so the worker can be judged and harassed by the ignorant masses.

In my opinion such actions constitute workplace harassment. Whether it's on a bus, in a McDonalds, on a plane...wherever. It's time for the law to catch up to technology to protect workers.

Over hundreds if not thousands of assaults on drivers every year, yet no video evidence of a single one. It is time to make that statistics available to public each year. It is time for ATU to push for video cameras in all the buses.

bus driver won't press charges

very puzzled by this news. a bus driver is punched by a passenger and then refuses to press charges. why? you would think if he knew the kid's family the kid wouldn't have punched him. after that i can't think of any reason why the driver would not want to press charges. sure, the kid probably won't ride the bus anymore after that, but still, wouldn't it be better to send a clear message? assaults on bus drivers will not be tolerated, if you hit us you will be charged with assault. anyone?

Re: bus driver won't press charges

If he presses charges it affects how his case is handled. Workman comp, etc.

Re: bus driver won't press charges

are you saying the system/process/whatever makes it "better" for a driver not to press charges? if that is correct, it seems totally messed up.

Disgusting. Driver really should press it.

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