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Now the singing driver is being silenced by Mercier and co.
cre47 wrote in octranspo
I just hate it when every happens at the same time - which means like 3 or 4 posts within a week. Though the page needed some activity since nothing was posted for a couple of weeks prior to the Kanata incident. But I'm sure you've heard on CBC about the singing driver being silenced by Mercier and his acolytes and supported by Deans who had a very tough year as the head of the Transit Commission and also Jimmy.

I guess OC Transpo management doesn't know . But shame on Alain, Diane and Jimmy for this display as well as the 12 people out of thousands of the driver's passengers who've complained.

Jimmy, Diane and Alain should worry instead about the overcrowded buses all over the city not just on the 95s and 96s. And they should worry about the negative impacts of the stupid cuts made back in September rather then a non-issue such as this story.


Facebook already has a page up in support of Yves


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(Deleted comment)
With idiots like Matt taronno on the bus, the bus will never be a peaceful environment!

Watson doesn't do shit about all the swearing on buses. The swarming. The overcrowding. The hundreds of complaints.

Yet he listens to TWELVE people.

I hate this fucking city.

(Sorry for the swearing. I am getting so angry for so many reasons with OC Transpo.)

Some people may have liked him, I never complained to OC, but I also found the guy annoying. And I am sure if I turned my smartphone speaker with my music on it, the driver would have told me to turn it off, so if a passenger cannot pollute the bus with noise, the driver shouldn't either.

I'm actually glad they told him to stop singing. I couldn't stand it.

I enjoyed his performances. If he's un-muzzled, I'll be a happier traveller.

If he gets loaned out to the Sens for home games when Lyndon Slewidge is unavailable, I'll be happier still.

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