gottaloveit2 (gottaloveit2) wrote in octranspo,

Mr. Youtube Sensation.

First of all let me say that the driver was very wrong for what he did and should be fired. BUT, I think the driver was probably pushed over the edge by this kid who knew exactly what he was doing. I think this video was pre-meditated in order to gain popularity....the kid wants to be an actor. Secondly, I have seen this kid cause other disturbances on other buses like the 118. I have seen him eat food and throw garbage all over the bus, I have seen him agitate other drivers by not producing a pass, and much more. He just does really weird things and generally annoys other passengers. I also find it shady that the individual filming the event did not film the `kids` peculiar behaviour that let up to the outbreak. So I think this was a target on the driver and possibly think this driver was singled out as vulnerable by the youtube actor and film maker.

So I did some research on the kid in this video and found the following:
1) Enough said right here. This is his youtube page and he is clearly a pshycho

2) This kid is a `Actor and Film Maker` enough said there.
3)One of his favorite Youtube video is titled `AC TRANSIT BUS FIGHT` Have a look at his youtube channel, coincidence, hmmm
4) Some more links to this weirdo:

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