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Mr. Youtube Sensation.
gottaloveit2 wrote in octranspo
First of all let me say that the driver was very wrong for what he did and should be fired. BUT, I think the driver was probably pushed over the edge by this kid who knew exactly what he was doing. I think this video was pre-meditated in order to gain popularity....the kid wants to be an actor. Secondly, I have seen this kid cause other disturbances on other buses like the 118. I have seen him eat food and throw garbage all over the bus, I have seen him agitate other drivers by not producing a pass, and much more. He just does really weird things and generally annoys other passengers. I also find it shady that the individual filming the event did not film the `kids` peculiar behaviour that let up to the outbreak. So I think this was a target on the driver and possibly think this driver was singled out as vulnerable by the youtube actor and film maker.

So I did some research on the kid in this video and found the following:
1) Enough said right here. This is his youtube page and he is clearly a pshycho

2) This kid is a `Actor and Film Maker` enough said there.
3)One of his favorite Youtube video is titled `AC TRANSIT BUS FIGHT` Have a look at his youtube channel, coincidence, hmmm
4) Some more links to this weirdo:

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This kid admits he had inappropriate behaviour prior to the driver freaking out.



Weirdo or not, the driver is still very much in the wrong.

I recognize the guy. He was in my 118 Kanata once and stayed beside me. He looked at the GPS and accused me for running early by 1 minute before I reached Moodie time point. I waited on my time point at Moodie and left on time. Going through 3 left turn at Hazeldean and Eagleson then at the mall signals put me 4 minutes late. Then he accused me for running late and how the drivers being ‘assholes’ and can’t do our job. I could not wait to drop him off. Since that day I do remember him very well. I wish passenger like him come with a sticker on their forehead so we can recognize them and treat them well and give them the comfort ride as demanded.

Yes, he's quite the piece of work. He pushed this drivers buttons really good and got the driver hook, line and sinker.

That sticker comment was hilarious ottawareform! That's so funny. I really really wish I could see what happened the few minutes leading up to that point. I'm not condoning anything but that's important when crucifying someone publicly. I heard a lot of stories today about this kid, and if it's true it sounds like he intentionally tries to get people to snap. It's probably not intentional because of his mental illness, but that's how it would appear to most people. Maybe the driver had good reason to feel physically threatened by this kid and that was his first instinct in protecting himself? It's too easy to point fingers when only half the stories being told. That's what I'm saying.
Also, this job is not for everyone. Some days I'm not sure it's for me as previous posts might suggest. It's a high stress job and the video is proof of that. This goes on all the time with different reactions from different drivers because hey, we're all different. I don't condone this drivers actions at all and found it a little embarrassing today, but I don't want to judge until I know all the facts. Thanks to all the passengers that seemed to give me an extra large smile today to let me know that they know we're not all the same. Today was actually a very nice pleasant day for me. People seemed happy and that makes the day a good one. I'm going out of my way to be extra smiley and happy after this video too. It would be nice if all of us drivers could try and do that. Just cheer up and lighten up with the public. I know it's tough sometimes when it's not reciprocated. Maybe Oc can hand out little fake smile stickers we can just stick them over our mouths so it looks like we're always smiling.

(Deleted comment)
Hi. We are already aware of the driver and the fact that he is wrong and should be fired. It's old news. What we don't know is anything about the kid. Why? Because we conveniently did not see what he was doing prior to the outburst.

Now, because of research and discussions, we are starting to see a history and pattern of erratic and disturbing behabiour this individual causes to Drivers and Passengers of OC Transpo.

(Deleted comment)
Few years back an oriental guy with some mental issue was terrorising drivers in Barrhaven area. He will walk up to the driver when intend to depart the bus and will start through punches at them. Many drivers talked about him but to protect his rights, we never had his detailed identification like photo etc issued to us. Because of that I used to avoid working in that area and if I do work once in a while, anytime any oriental guy took my bus, I got jumpy.

If anyone ever got assaulted before by any kind (spat on/ bullied/ thrown object on/ beaten/ sexual) will know what I am talking about. You will be always jumpy when you sense any similar situation.

How long it will take to a medically trained physician to diagnose some one as ‘artistic’? As for me all I can read as ‘difficult’ customer. Apart from that I can’t tell if they are missing their medication or took too much of it. Yet few of us demand us to know everything in the 2 second we see them.

i dont get it... he was ringing the bell over and over before or after this happened? he was talking on a cell phone and reading a prepared script?
"mildly autistic" or not, this sounds like a set up.

This kid is so burnt.

Ottawa Sun Quote:
To tell you the truth, I’ve actually done things in the past where I’ve provoked people and they’ve reacted poorly. I guess that’s just who I am. I’ve made people feel like that in the past.”


Photog Quote from Reddit:

I have learned that this guy's name is Matty and he was practicing for a school play. He was rehearsing his lines and he was speaking rather loud. He seemed to make other passengers uncomfortable as they moved away from him on the bus. After the Moody stop I looked down towards the back of the bus and only saw Matty. At that time it was just Matty, the driver, and I. Matty approached the driver and he was being very obnoxious towards the driver. The driver told Matty to sit down and after about 5 minutes of not sitting down the driver detonated and started the rant you see in the video.


I think the Actor and filmmaker are friends. ;-) Pretty sad thing to do to someone.

In the staged video of Matt Taronno harassing the driver I fail to see who is actually yelling at him. So the videographer just says it was the driver and that's the final word case closed? I guess if I wanna fuck an enemy over I just film a voice with my Iphone and say it was so and so who said this and the police will arrest them for whatever threat I get some random to say in the background? Does anyone else not see how many facts are not even being weighed before crucifying the driver of the bus if even the driver was the one who said anything at all? Theres not one shot of the drivers lips even moving but people are talking like it was the driver for sure. How in the hell do we know this for 100% certain? We don't, so all the accusers need to get the facts before placing any blame. The Matt Taronno is now a youtube star with more than 140000 hits on his little prank production. Who's the idiot now? I'm thinking it's the goofs who believe that he's a victim. Good job Matty, your parents must be proud. So proud that there coming right out to support you in your time of trial and tribulation.

Matty, if your reading this post remember this one last thing. Karma is a bitch and everything in life comes fullcircle. Your cheap attempt at fame may have worked temporarily but dont count on it getting you through life.

I had a passenger I dont recall seeing before. She sat up front and rode for a long time with her cell phone in her hand. she looked like she was txting the whole time. when she got up to exit she approached me and said You passed, i'll delete the video, and then exited the bus.

Then when driving home I see someone in their car taking a pic or vid of a driver on Merivale at about 3pm, southbound, about to turn onto hunt club. the driver of the car was on the left side of the bus at a traffic light leaned over with a digital camera pointed at the driver.


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