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Please Ring The Bell
ikarus8737 wrote in octranspo
Thought this would die down after a month of getting used to the next stop announcements but it hasn't so...

I know the next stop announcement system goes "Bing Bong" but that doesn't mean the bus is going to stop. Please ring the bell if you want to get off.


Do not assume the bell has been rung if the check mark is lit up on the display screen. The check marks come on randomly by themselves (a bug in the system. OC-could you get on fixing that please?)...Just ring the bell like the old days.

Getting a little tired of civil servants having toddler like meltdowns and slack jawed yokels yelling "hey, you missed my stop."

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Never assume the bus is going to stop unless it's the last stop.
It's fun! The kids love it!

Don't assume it'll stop at the last stop.

Grrr I hate that stupid bing bong on the automated system. I KNOW that it makes that noise, and still I sometimes forget to ring the bell because of the noise. Why does it have to make the noise at all?

I rode a Hybrid bus that had the new CleverDevices programming. The announcements didn't make the "Bing Bong" sound at all. The TCH screen was a bit different since it had your Paddle on it with a list of every stop that your route made. And thank god, the messages in the P/S have all been removed.

I am now just getting into the habit of watching for people to get up as I approach a stop and I will sometimes stop if I think they want off, and then I yell please pull the dam bell.

But I love driving past stops when some don't ring the bell and they don't even get out of their seats.

And City of Ottawa get rid of the Bong sound it's is not necessary.

(Deleted comment)
I've been guilty a couple of times mistaking the bing bong for the stop bell by accident. Definitely agree that they should get rid of that, it's unnecessary.

People make mistakes. I've missed people's stops by my error as well and I always apologize. It's only when people start freaking out at the driver instead of taking ownership over their own mistake or misunderstanding that I have an issue with.

It would help as well if they hadn't covered up the stop request sign with the next stop sign.

Only the frontmost sign on the Invero buses, all the others remain visible.

"Getting a little tired of civil servants having toddler like meltdowns and slack jawed yokels yelling "hey, you missed my stop.""

ROTFL! Don't forget, you are also a civil servant! :) And is complaining on here not the internet equivalent of a toddler like meltdown?

Just busting your chops! :P


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
So tonight I had a lady tell me she pulled the bell for Fisher and Crerar, well I was watching her and she NEVER pulled it, and I know because I was watching for the dash light to come on. So we get to Shillington and she is all snarky with me because I didn't stop at her stop. Well if you had pulled the bell I would have stopped. Told her to come up to me and I show her where I look for knowing when, she just stomped off the bus. LOVE IT!

Then off course I few stops later someone DID pull the bell and I missed it. LOL

I've been lucky that the bus *does* sometimes wait when I am running for it. This is particularly important for places like Baseline Station. [Whoever designed that abortion should have been keelhauled; Heaven help you if you have to switch sides to transfer. Broad Hint: please, Please, PLEASE put a crosswalk in the middle, guarded by a stop sign. Discovering that your stop is at the other end, then running after and missing the other bus while running the LOOOOONNG length of the Station, truly sucks.]

It's also appreciated when drivers wait for people to sit down. On at least one occasion, I've barked my shins on the internal stairs because the bus started up just as I reached them. [This is why I love the Orion VI -- which has NO stairs, just a gentle slope -- and actively hate the Invero and Orion VII buses. Those damn stairs are truly Accidents Waiting to Happen.]

Just my $0.02 ...

Get in line, buddy. Come the revolution, I've got dibs on the moron who designed Baseline the Temporary.

On a related note, is there really any valid reason why the south platform at Bayshore can't have a level crossing, instead of forcing passengers up and over the bloody overpass? There is nowhere near enough through traffic on that platform to warrant the anti-pedestrian, anti-user design. Maybe some day, in 700 years, when LRT or BRT or HorseBuggyRT or something is extended westward from Bayshore, but not now.

Do any of these morons ride their precious buses?

I noticed said bug when I was back in town this weekend. The check mark just randomly came on and then stayed on until someone actually pulled the cord and got off. The 'stop requested' light wasn't on though, which is what I still go by.

I'm glad though that I don't have to deal with stop announcements that read the same thing twice, just in a french accent, on a regular basis.

if you are in doubt just pull the damned cord, why do you even need the lights and checkmarks?? if the bell has been pulled already who cares? it only rings once

Know what sucks?

Ringing the bell and having the driver assume it was the bing bong stupid sound, and them not stopping at your stop.

Especially when that happens multiple times.

(Deleted comment)
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