anudderdriver (anudderdriver) wrote in octranspo,

Vote No

Does anyone know if we get paid for the booking? I imagine not since we really don't even have to show up. Does anyone think this might be setting a precedent? I've seem management work that way before. Is it possible if we vote yes that we may actually lose our right to book? If we vote yes do other parts of our collective agreement related to booking become null and void? Does the whole agreement become null and void? I thought of this today and haven't had time to ask a union rep. Not sure I'd believe what I was told anyway. Today drivers at pinecrest learned that we were given misinformation by a union rep yesterday. We were told work exchange sheets would count as overtime as long as it brings you over 80 hours. Then today we find out differently. No, they in fact will not count as overtime.
What's with everything I hear about drivers 5500-5600 and up having to go back to working both weekends for many years to come if we vote yes. Now that the senior guys can fill up there hours Monday-Friday, who's going to have to pick up the weekend work slack? I don't want to go back to working both weekends again. That's not more time with my family. My family has weekends off. Not Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I see many reasons to vote no. The one thing that is supposed to be good, 8 hour guarantee, does not look so attractive to me now. I really don't see why I would vote yes. My vote will be a resounding no.
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