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(no subject)
killertatertots wrote in octranspo
Can someone please explain to me how to take the 101 bus  to and from Glashan P.S (beside the bus station)? I know the basics from the website, but it is the walking portion I need, and what stop to get on/off at since. I will be coming from hurdman.

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as i said, i know the basics from the website, but it doesnt explain clearly the walking portion, or how to recognize the stops, or how to get to the stop in the other direction. i want someone who knows the area and has done it to explain it more clearly.

The community isn't as big as all that, and not all drivers, or passengers, describe directions in a way everyone understands. Your best bet is to take a day a few days before you need to be there and scope it out for yourself. Walk around, find the stops, maybe even find the alternate stops should you miss the one you need. It's better than relying on directions you've never taken before, getting lost day of, and missing your bus.

The stop is the one after Bank street - there's a gas station on one corner, and one of those cash for cheques stores on another. It's also the second (I think second) stop after the bus leaves the Queensway.

So you get off right in front of the bus station, facing the bus station. Turn to your right, you should now be facing a set of lights. (About a quarter of a block away.) Right after the lights is the school. Well, the school's playground.

excellent, thank you! and do you know where the 101 stop is in the opposite direction?

Yep - if you're coming from the school (assuming you're on Catherine) head back towards Bank street. At Bank, turn right, heading towards Landsdowne. You'll go under the Queensway, and come to a set of lights at Isabella/Chamberline at Bank, and the 101 stop is just on the other side of the lights. It's on an "island" as there's a right turning lane on the other side of it.

Oh, and my bad - I think the bus station stop is the THIRD one after the bus leaves the Queensway - I think there's a stop at the YMCA, then Bank, then the bus station. :)

great, thanks so much! i will be going there once a week all winter for volleyball and have never been there before, and knew how to take the 1, but the 101 is a lot faster.

It's *a lot* faster. I used to work at St. Laurent, and it took about 15 to 20 minutes from there.

The area can feel a little sketchy in the evenings and at night, but in the +8 years I've lived in the area, I have never had a problem. There's even a shelter to wait in heading back, so you won't have to wait in snow :)

Excellent! Shelters do make it so much nicer.

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