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cyberop wrote in octranspo
Did you know that the city will not cover your work or give you time off to book. This means if your not there, the booking department will book you. The booking will start this Saturday if the vote comes out yes.

The garage people are getting it right up the stump.

OMERS is the city's responsibility to collect and remit. They screwed it up, they should pay. This is not a benefit to members.

The city was ordered by the arbitrator not to cut any runs, yet they did and now that things have blown up in their face, they want to place nice because it's election time and they want to bury the information.

This farce is only good until March 31, 2011.

The city claims they will remove part-timers from the next round of contract talks. Never give up what you have already. Quite simply if they put in on the table, we reject the offer and off it comes.

This is not a great deal, only some minor improvements in sick leave.

For the junior operators, I hope you realize this is not a good position for any of us.

Based on the facts, I am voting NO.

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(Deleted comment)
Those Saturday/Sunday overtime shifts can be withdrawn at any time. They don't need this agreement to pass to withdraw those premium shifts.

(Deleted comment)
My thoughts on the Saturday Overtime....

If I book 8 hours platform daily and book an 8 hour saturday that'll put me at 88hours for 2 weeks with 3 days off...that'll still give me 8 hours overtime...will it not

I can't speak specifically for OC Transpo, but generally accepted full time work weeks were changed to 44 hours a few years back, making 88 hours the new 'full time' for a two week period.

Ask anyone from the union. Those overtime shifts can be withdrawn at any time they are not protected under the collective agreement.

Oh and OP....according to this ammendment...Booking wouldn't be touched again until March 31 2014...so we could be stuck with this for a very looooooong time

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