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The end of yet another bus era
ikarus8737 wrote in octranspo
This is slightly old news but worth noting: The old school, white with red stripe livery, slidey yet sticky, peach colored seat bus era has ended with the retirement of the last of the MCI/Novabus "Classic " model buses.
The oldest buses in the fleet are now the last of the high floors: The '97/'98 series KFC box Orions (as well as the '97 Novabus LFS "swampbuggies").
This is about as modern the fleet at OC has ever been. When I started, more than half the fleet was over 18 years old.

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(Deleted comment)
You mean the really oldschool white ones with the blue squishy seats? Those were my favorites.

I also really used to love the old black artics, those have been around since I was taking the bus with my mum at five years old.

(Deleted comment)
No I really liked those too, but my favorites where the ones that were completely white and had blue squishy seats. They were on the way out when I started taking the bus around '95

Those were the 1973 ex-Santa-Monica 17xx series buses that OC bought used due to the 1990's Mike Harris bus shortage.

Ah Mike Harris, is there anything he can't ruin?

Very much worth noting . I've been driving out of pinecrest for 6 years now and I will miss some of the 89s and 93s , although I will not miss standing at the front of the bus holding the manual switch for the curtain sign for 5 minutes or more trying to get it to the right number or destination . However , saying that I have had more electronic sign glitches in the last couple of months than I can ever remember having . Anyway thank's to all the old salmon seat , rattle and bang buses that have served me well over the past 6 years , maybe I'll see you again if I ever visit Mexico .

I loved those buses, actually. I think they're still my favourite, if only for the nostalgia factor.

*Salutes* End of era for certain. That was one of the best models in my opinion, if only because it remained functional for so long. Not accessible, but still relatively reliable.

can I get a woot woot? Doors never worked in the cold, floor was a death trap with snowy boots, seats seared the backside in the summer... sooo glad they are no more.

Slippery floor, rattling everything, sticky seats when boiling hot, Seats that have no 'defined' spot so someone could easily take more than their 'half', rear doors with a metal bar that could cause a concussion for those over 6 feet, heaters that seemed to have 2 settings: off or sahara.
Ya.. I don't miss them as a commuter.

One of them had "Ken loves Darla - together forever" etched into the back of one of the seats. Saw it the first time in the 90s then several times after that, it was never removed. Wonder where Ken and Darla are? and are they together still?

*stands in respectful silence*

All of the last remaining Classics were retired by the end of June.

I will never forget my ride on 8941 a couple of months ago when a mechanic drove that bus for me - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feEFQcJv_rY :-)

what do they do with the old buses? did they replace all these ones with new ones, or do they just have enough extras already?

They put out a tender for disposal. Some are suitable for further use (STO still operates one or two of our 1977 buses!), but most are quite finished and are dismantled for scrap metal.
They were replaced by the new hybrid buses.

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