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So much for saving fuel
ikarus8737 wrote in octranspo
Anybody else notice that more than half of the buses assigned to downtown core routes on the weekend are Inveros?

There are now 177 Hybrid buses on the road. Even accounting for dead buses (probably around 20) and with 35-40 assigned to Merivale (which is closed on the weekend), that leaves roughly 115 Hybrids available for service on the weekend. That's more than ample to cover all the runs on the #'s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 14, 16, 18.

I've also routinely seen Hybrids assigned to routes like the #96, 101 ( I know that interlining comes into play occasionally). Not only do they not save much or any fuel on those runs, but the electric motors are subjected to the wear and tear of Transitway/highway operation, for which they are not designed.

Pretty hard to justify the extra 250000$/per bus premium when the buses aren't being used on the runs where they can save the most fuel and in areas where less pollution is beneficial.

Operators and passengers prefer the Hybrids too, so it would be nice to see their usage maximized.

The Inveros are also the most costly buses in the fleet to run. They should be parking as many of them as possible when they have the opportunity in order to save money.

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Thanks for posting the pics too, ikarus. Wasn't sure which buses are Inveros and which are Hybrids.

I refer to the Inveros as "bull-head" buses, due to the shape of its roof.

Personal opinion: *all* of the Inveros should be scrapped or sold to other systems, preferably ASAP.

Glad to see TTC isn't the only one assigning hybrids where they shouldn't be. You'll see them here up on Steeles instead of down on Bay Street where they'll be the most beneficial. One of our bus divisions that handles mostly dense inner city routes (Birchmount) doesn't have any hybrids at all, while two of our divisions that handle nothing but suburban routes on major multi-lane arteries (Arrow and Malvern) have hybrids comprising a majority of their fleet. Honestly, what is it with transit management that they can't get these simple concepts right?

Ohhhh well once again, with feeling... Oc Transpo's management lacks common sense!

hopefully this problem will get some media attention! this is a really bad use of those buses!! :(

Groan. A clue-by-four seems to be necessary.

That said, hybrids will not solve the problem of soaring fuel prices; they are only a stopgap. We STILL need trolleybuses, as well as LRT. [Who's willing to bet there will be ^any^ money left over for new vehicles of any kind, much less new trolleybuses, after the LRT boondoggle is complete?]

For a whole bunch of reasons, I prefer the hybrids on the core downtown routes, but the No. 12 can't really run on anything but artics unless OC ups the frequency to compensate.

I would suggest that OC purchase hybrid artics to operate on the 12 and the 85 but they'd probably wind up assigning them to the 95.

Have hybrid bendies been field-tested in Ottawa or Ottawa-esque conditions? (I.e., winter?)

The hybrid artics are based on the same model as the current artics operated by OC (NFI DE60LFR) so they would have the same winter handling characteristics, apart from a little stronger torque at the rear wheels on takeoff. There is also a hybrid artic version of the Novabus LFS, but it is also rear drive. OC has had a Flyer hybrid artic in for short term testing. The bus order that CTA cancelled which is being diverted to Ottawa included a large number of hybrid units. Ottawa opted to go all diesel.

The only tractor (front section driven) artic on the market is the VanHool AG300 (currently in use at Viva in York region and at RTL in Longueil). I know a hybrid version is available for the European market but I don't know if the NA importer is marketing one.

I heart the hybrid buses. If I rode on nothing but them for the rest of my life, I'd be happy.

Not a fan of the harsh lighting at night time. I'm tired, bags under my eyes, it hurts my eyes and draws attention to the bags. Plus I don't like when the power-assist isn't on for the read door. :P

Other than that, they're pretty comfortable.

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