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Some information from OC Transpo about what comes after
blearyeyedbob wrote in octranspo
OC Transpo's website has detailed plans describing how service will resume. I notice that both of my routes - the feeder and the downtown route, are not operating. So if you're a bus rider, check this out carefully. You may or may not be getting service when buses resume.

I'm quoting the preliminary plan here:

Will operate during their regularly scheduled day, including rush hours:
  • O-Train
  • All school routes, numbered in the 600’s
  • Rapid transit routes 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 101, 102 and 106
  • Major routes 2, 7, 12, 14, 85, 86 and 118
  • Peak employment route 105
  • Van route 123
  • Early morning routes 824, 825, 830, 835, 837, and 873

Will operate evenings and mid-day only, outside of rush hours:

  • Routes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 16, 18, 87, 111, 112, 114, 115, 116 and 117.
  • Local black routes numbered 121-178

Will not operate:

  • Green express and rural express routes
  • Red rush hour routes other than 102 and 105.

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(Deleted comment)
Looks like we will have layoffs for at least a month or so after we get a deal signed......

Which wasn't really the focus of this post (although I expect drivers would prefer that to striking, as at least either going back or being laid off is a route to a paycheck.)

My effort here was to make sure my fellow passengers know what they're facing. In my case, I'll be switching from car-pooling to bike riding, as there will be no service to either my work or home until summer, at this rate.

Well the city shoukld have towed the buses to a secure area and hired replacement mechanics...... Or the union would have looked good if they sent the mechanics back to work.......

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Sorry to read that if it's true. :-(

According to 311, you can call the ECOPASS hotline at 842-3636 x2766 to ask for a refund, but the recording on 311 tries to persuade you not to, that the refund won't be as much as the deduction holiday would be.

Does this mean they'll give you the days for December and January, but they may give a solid two months of holiday?

They are halted as of February to the best of my knowledge, at least for Government. There will have to be options for refunds.

Seems as if I'm going to have a problem if my local feeder's not working in the early morning. And ditto for getting into and out of the Elmvale/Innes and St. Laurent area in a timely fashion weekdays, I suspect.

Edited at 2009-01-28 03:48 pm (UTC)

Well, this is more or less what I had discussed with friends and other students about a "How will they resume service?/This is what I think should happen or would be a good idea or would make the most sense".

Carleton students are going to have to a) plan accordingly with little of the 4 and 117 (though there is the 7) and/or b) just take one of the functioning routes to the UofO an take the Carleton-UofO shuttle.

As well as Cité Collégiale students I see, if they have morning classes.

Mind you, everyone is going to have to plan accordingly; even though I'm near a hub station (if you will) where most routes pass, I'm damn sure 90% of the buses that come by would be packed.

Thanks for sharing this :)

yes. I'm lucky enough to be walking distance to the 95, but that won't mean much if I can't get ON the 95.

Carleton students can also use the transitway to connect with the O-train

Yay for Stittsville not getting their rush hour buses. I might as well not even bother trying to get the 96 home since it'll just be packed with people wanting to get off at Eagleson or Moodie.

Oh well at least there will be more room on the road for the car ;)

Great that there's a plan once the strike is resolved..now if only there was a plan for resolving the strike!

So i guess i should post pone looking for a new place with close, good bus routes?

Happy their actually have a plan so far. . .

According to the union service will resume within one week. A good part of the fleet is parked indoors in heated garages and there are a lot of buses outside, but it won't take that long.

The city is putting forth a worst case scenario, so when the fleet is up and running within a week, they can mug the camera and take the credit from the mechanics and maintenance people.

I'm sure the mechanics can and will do a good job. But I have no doubt the city managers and our idiot simian Mayor will frack up enough that it probably does take them that long.

:( I am so not looking forward to watching jam-packed 95 after jam-packed 95 zoom past me for hours. I might as well continue to beg for rides.

Thanks for the info. Looks like I would have to wait for regular bus service; I could get to Hurdman via 95, but I need the 114 to get to/from work, and that's not operating outside of rush hour.

At least it's a shorter walk to Fallowfield station. I'm never going to get to my second job though, since both buses (171 and 176) won't be operating during rush hour. Not that it'll matter much because it'll take 2-3 hours to get home from Tunny's Pasture waiting for a semi empty 95.

That plan generally sounds reasonable, even though I know how much it will suck for everyone in the Burbs. There is no other logical way to deal with it.

(Deleted comment)
It will still take some period of time for the buses to be prepped and thus there won't be enough capacity for the express routes for a while.

This doesn't surprise me. While I'm in suburbia, I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance of the 95.

If I was a bus driver, I think I would prefer to be in the second or third wave back to work...

It' going to be ugly the first two weeks....packed, frustrated passengers.....cold, wet, cranky, good luck to you girls and guys that have to drive the first wave!

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