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ikarus8737 wrote in octranspo
Just reported on CBC news at 6 that several depraved threats were made against Andre Cornellier and his family via e-mail over the weekend. Police are investigating, he will now be keeping a low profile. They reported another threat where someone (or a group) threatened to pull drivers off their buses and beat them. Today eggs were thrown at picketers and at Union headquarters.
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That's disgusting.

Our society makes me very ashamed sometimes.

Ok, now this is stupid. As much as I am pissed at the problems caused by this strike, I would NEVER do anything to harm anyone in any way. Threats and physical violence solve nothing. This is stupid!

Oh, that's reaaaally mature. I am *so* proud in this city right now. Except not. That's pretty horrible and there is NO excuse to send him death threats. I am not impressed with the citizens of Ottawa right now. That just goes to show, how ignorant this city is in regards to this entire thing....

I should clarify. I think I heard death threats but I was a little distracted at the time, I've edited my post pending confirmation.

Eli is love.

I agree with you. I can't believe we're a capital city, and I'm really hoping the rest of the world isn't paying much attention to us right about now.

The lunatic fringe has been stoked. The ramp down will be a lot slower than the ramp up...

No sympathies from this corner for any such illegality or hooliganism. Booo..... hissss....

Just plain Wrong, whatever each of us thinks of this mess.

Edited at 2008-12-15 11:53 pm (UTC)

It's one thing to disagree with the strike. Making threats is just going too far. I might still be pissed when the buses are back on the road, but physical violence would never cross my mind. *sigh*

Surprised? No. Condoning the actions? No. It will only get worse, especially as people when people start dying.

(Deleted comment)
My assumption is that jagash means the added risk to citizens now that many are walking to and from work (in many cases, in the dark), given the increased traffic on the roads etc.

To elaborate, I am referring to four factors (although only three are independent of public opinion).

1) Dangers in commuting; People are walking in the cold, unstable footing, some winter biking, many more driving in high stress conditions. This will result in more accidental injuries and invariably some will die. One gentleman died on the 417 west of walkley this afternoon and the road is just now reopening.

2) Seniors and personal support workers. There are a number of individuals who require support services (getting groceries for instance) in order to live. With difficulties driving and impossibilities bussing, there is high stress and some seniors are currently lacking their assistants. Longer this lasts, greater chance of some poor senior or disabled individual starving/freezing/perishing in other ways.

3) Poverty, as students have an impossibility getting to their work and other minimum wage workers are unable to make it to their shifts. No work, no money. No money, no rent/food. This leads to bad things.

4) Backlash. You know the aforementioned threats? As more and more citizens suffer during the strike, the hotheads will ponder retaliation which could vary from verbal harassment to physical harm of drivers, union spokesmen or the families of either.

I sincerely hope I am wrong. I sincerely hope that things are resolved far before this gloomy prediction. This is what I see though, in the future.


You are not wrong, it's already started, and will only get worse.

What the heck? Way to be mature. It is ONLY a bus strike. Yes, it sucks. Yes, I can't work until drivers go back to work, yes I am scrambling around to get rides to exams and such, but it's ONLY A BUS STRIKE. The world is NOT ending, things WILL eventually be resolved. Threats to hurt other people do not solve anything. Dumb bunnies...

it's ONLY A BUS STRIKE. The world is NOT ending, things WILL eventually be resolved.

Well, I agree with the comments by jagash above. If this strike continues for much longer, it will quite literally mean the end of the world for some people.

That being said of course violence won't solve anything. There are many other ways to express an opinion. :/

I am a big believer in evolution. Something will come out of this, be it another job opportunity, the ability to find another way to work, or a the feds coming in and making everyone happy. People adapt and options become available.

Unfortunately, some people take a lot longer to adapt and evolve than others, and it is this group that we need to be most worried about.

...be it another job opportunity...

But what happens for the weeks that a person would be out of work? How would that person pay their rent, or buy food for the month they have no income? How would they get to job interviews without transportation?

...the ability to find another way to work...

That's just not an option for alot of people. When a person works shift work, and 90% of their co-workers take transit, they can't carpool. The few friends and family that have cars, have their own jobs to get to, and they can't force people to drop everything to be somewhere at a certain time. Walking or biking doesn't work for everyone either.

...or a the feds coming in and making everyone happy...

They've already said it's never gonna happen. Any fix is only going to come when the union and the city pull their collectives heads out of their asses.

Lucky, I can make arrangements to get to work and such, so I'm not stuck. But I know people who are in much worse situations, and don't have the social network to deal with it.

I agree that it's up to people to deal with their own situation, but some do not have the luxury of time. Society has created the people in these desperate situations, it has also provided a transportation system to provide some relief. Everyone has to work to get things back to normal before things get really bad.

*wonders what people did before buses*

"dumb bunnies" is one of my new favourite sayings now :)

*wonders what people did before buses*

They didn't live in large communities. As long there have been cities, there has been some form of public transportation. In fact the idea of individual, private vehicles is less then 100 years old. Thank cheap oil for the idea of unwalkalbe commuting. And also thank corporate greed, there are many working people who cannot afford any other method if transportation but buses.

I also used to believe that anyone who lives in a major metropolitan area should be able to live without a car, but I've seen that that's just not true in this city.

The threats are immature and just disgusting.
I have to say though, the throwing of eggs, made me laugh.

It reminds me of all the times I've been waiting for a bus or just walking down the sidewalk...and got sprayed down by slush by a passing bus.


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