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Collision kills man


Investigators work behind a vehicle involved in a fatal accident involving an elderly pedestrian in Kanata Tuesday. (Errol McGihon SUN)

Police traffic investigators walk up and down Campeau Dr. in Kanata, placing evidence markers on large blood marks that stain the pavement.

Behind them, a beige Subaru Outback station wagon is parked. Its passenger-side front bumper is dented and pieces of human flesh are ingrained in the shattered windshield.

The investigators are trying to figure out how the car, which was driven by an 81-year-old woman, struck a 70-year-old male pedestrian, killing him.

An OC Transpo bus parked across from the accident could be key.

"The victim was possibly attempting to catch the bus," said Sgt. Steven Desjourdy of the OPS traffic unit.

The collision, he said, is not suspicious, adding investigators will talk to the family of the victim, who lives in the area, to find out his daily routine.

Ted Henry, 80, lives across the street from the scene of the collision and came outside to see the victim lying motionless as paramedics performed CPR on him.

"Then they just stopped," said Henry. "He must have been dead."

Paramedics confirmed that the victim was without vital signs when they arrived on scene and was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.

The 81-year-old female driver suffered no physical injuries but Desjourdy said she was suffering from shock.

As has been asked before, is it worth your life to catch that bus?

Also, should an 81 year old be driving an SUV?
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