mabba18 (mabba18) wrote in octranspo,

To the driver of the 18...

To the driver of the 18 St. Laurent at Lincoln Fields at 7:30 tonight:

If you are going to:

1. Enter Lincoln Fields, and sit at the wrong stop for 2 minutes;
2. Drive a loop around Lincoln Fields weaving back and forth, and;
3. Stop and talk with a mechanic for 5 minutes;

Your passengers would like to be told so they can get off and take another bus up to Carlingwood.

Yes, we understand that you had a safety concern with your vehicle, and that safety is important, but we would still like to know what is going on.

Yes, there was only 3 of us, but we are not invisible, and we were all on the bus for less time then you took getting through Lincoln Fields.

Thank You.


To the guy taking a piss in a bush at Bay on Saturday night, thank you for reminding us why we don't go downtown at night. I am glad that you missed your bus, and we caught ours. Next time, I will piss in the nice leather bag you left sitting on the sidewalk.
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