vaderontime (vaderontime) wrote in octranspo,


So I got in crap today from a passenger. I picked her up, she has the cell phone pressed in one ear and takes a schedule and tries to read it at the same time while standing in the middle of the bus facing the rear not holding on to anything. I start to merge with lots of time when the car I'm merging in front of decides no bus will be in front of him. He speeds up and illegally passes and tries too turn right, right in front of me, I had no choice but to hit the brakes hard to avoid a collision. The passenger with the cell phone gets thrown forward to the front but saves herself from falling. She then chastises me for braking so hard and almost hurting her, and them proceeds to tell the person on the phone what a lousy driver I was, oh and at a level for all on the bus to hear. Remember friends, we are out in traffic with a lot of terrible drivers and people, we do have to hit the brakes hard from time to time, sometimes to save a life. Oh and a little education, all the newer buses are equiped with engine retarders. When we are up to speed and touch the brakes the engine timing is retarded feeling like a major downshift and forward momentum is abrupt feeling like we are hitting the brakes hard, that's not the case, that's just the braking system. Still though, I had a great day on the number ??

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