Shannon (weetziebat) wrote in octranspo,

Personal Space?

I can understand that you really can't be too picky with your personal space on the bus, I've certainly been forced to get pretty intimate with fellow passengers during rushhour rides. ...however, the other day I was riding the 95 on a Sunday, there was a number of seats on the bus, and a gentleman sat down beside me on one of those two seater front-facing seats. This particular man sat so close to me his almost spread-eagle legs were pressed against the entire length of my legs as well as his arms and torso into mine.

Now, I'm pretty sympathetic to larger folk in his situation on the bus, as those seats don't offer up much leg or body room. However, this guy wasn't very big (his knees didn't even reach the back of the seat in front of us) and I'm a fairly petite person, he certainly had comfortable sitting room on his own side of the seat. I even moved into my corner more as much as I could, and he still continued to take up more space. I just couldn't get over the fact that for most of this ride his body was pressing into mine, and since this isn't the first time I've been in this situation on the bus, I finally lost it. I turned to him, took my sunglasses off, and politely asked if he could move over because I was squished in the corner. He acknowledged me, but didn't say anything, he stopped pressing into me for a few minutes (but still took up most of the seat) and then started leaning into me again after a few stops. In which I finally got up and changed seats.

Has anyone else had similar situations? Or has been the person taking up too much space? Was I being out of line or rude? thoughts?
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