Arrest This Girl (chica_mi_tipo) wrote in octranspo,
Arrest This Girl


Dear Bus Driver of the 124 Gloucester North @ approx. 9 am this morning,
Yes, I understand that you might not enjoy the fact that you are stuck driving a bus full of annoying teenagers to highschool. Hell, Im not so thrilled I have to be in an enclosed space with them, either. However, this does not mean that you treat everyone on the bus like five year olds. Nor does it mean that you can make sarcastic remarks towards me regarding my intelligence because Im not moving out of the way of the door fast enough. In case you havent noticed, humans are not capable of walking through other humans. I did take down your bus number and have filed a complaint. Though you may not understand this, I do pay for your services and this expect to at least be treated with a BIT of respect.
A pissed off bus rider who is going to take her car next time.
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