December 13th, 2007

Trilingual Stop Calling

In the last post Niceodriver had a great comment regarding stop calling, "when does it all end" well it may not be ending just yet. Word around the garage is that a fracophone has indeed started an official complaint demanding stops being called in both English and French. And now the kicker, word has it, and this might be a joke I don't know, that drivers doing the number 2 will be instructed how to call out stops in Chinese. (Mandarin I guess). Again I cannot verify this but that was the scuttlebutt at the garage this week. 
So what's next, the East African languages in Overbrook and Carlington. Arabic in the south and west ends, Slavic and East European downtown. I know this is an exaggeration but you see where I'm going. Oh and one more thing, looking a the beautiful Xmas lights on Parliament Hill every day makes me wonder, how long before they no longer light the hill on Xmas because people complain it's to Christian.

Vader out,,,,

My bus pass is better than yours...

...or I just have way to much time on my hands.

So finally getting tired of trying to search out my bus pass in the dark at the bottom of my bag I decided to make it a little easier to find. I don't like the rather silly (in my opinion, I realize it is easier for some people) string around the neck with the bus pass on the end so I just made it easier to find to the touch. Here you are ladies and gentlemen, possibly one of the dorkier things I have done.¤t=buspasfront.jpg¤t=buspassback.jpg

I apologize for the super horrible web cam pictures.

Your truly,

Bus Adventurer with a new super awesome bus pass.
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