November 6th, 2007

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#4 Monday Mornings?

Just curious, but is anyone else having trouble with the 4 Carleton/Hurdman Monday mornings? This is my 2nd year catching this bus from the McDonalds. Last year's Monday 8:30ams were okay... This year with the 40 footers 'bye bye' the bus driver(s) waves as many students wait. I keep ending up late for my computer based class and having to share a comp (they overfilled the class :p). I am sick of being at the stop at 8 and not being able to get to class till 8:45. Last year I made it around 8:15-8:20. And of course when I do just walk (and still get there at 8:45 - I be slow with my big backpack), a miraculously empty bus goes by! LOL.
The worst day was when a guy in a wheelchair and everyone else got left behind and he was told to catch a ParaTranspo. But yay for happy endings; I walked and saw he'd made it onto campus later that morning.
So, the jist of all this ranting is to ask, does anyone have a clue if OcTranspo will be putting the articulated buses back on? At least in the AM weekdays. I shudder at winter when *more* students will be trying for these buses...
Any stories? Are the other mornings this bad?
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(no subject)

I was on a 7 Carleton earlier today, and the driver, of course, detoured onto Kent(?), and suddenly - uproar!

One lady got up right away and went to talk to the driver, then stood near the front doors. Another lady waited until we got to Somerset, before she too went to talk to the driver.

At this point, the driver got on the intercom and said "For those of you not aware, we're in the third week of a detour down Kent. I will be returning to Bank at Gladstone."

At what point do drivers stop announcing the detour? I mean, this *is* the third week of Bank/Somerset being closed, so I can understand if he didn't announce anything when the bus turned onto Laurier. (I honestly don't know if he did or not, I got on at the stop after the turn.) I can see for the first week or so announcing the detour, but after that.....people really should get their heads outta their asses. (And yes, I know - it could have been someone on an unfamiliar bus route, but if that's the case, why did the second lady wait so long to ask? If it were me, I'd ask right away in case I was on the wrong bus, so I could get off and get on the proper one.)

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Dog Park

Every day on my way to and from Bay Station I pass through the field - between Bay and Lisgar, the park with the basketball net and the wall full of graffiti art. This is a popular spot for people to bring their dogs.

I just came from the park, and as I was getting off my bus, I saw a large dog without a leash on Bay Street on the sidewalk, whose owner was in pursuit with the leash. The dog ran right out into the street - right into the lane in front of a moving bus, which had to slam on its brakes to avoid hitting the dog. The owner had no control of the dog whatsoever, and after this, it ran back into the semi-fenced area and away from her as she tried to get to it with the leash.

Not a minute later (with my heart in my throat from the first near-incident), another puppy ran past me. Its owner was also trying to get a leash clipped back on to its collar. I got the puppy's attention and kept her with me until he caught up and clipped the leash on, but after he clipped it on he LET GO of the leash. The dog, who was panicked from being chased by her owner (she knew she was in trouble), dashed out the other side of the "park" (there are two large gaps in the fenced area from the road, because right beside the field is a parking lot). This dog zooms out of the place, and directly into Laurier traffic. She crossed Bay street while her owner and I were trying to catch up to her, but she was way too quick. Thank goodness she ran across at the right time, because Laurier is BUSY this time of day. The owner was freaking out and yelling, and the dog was shaking and terrified in the entranceway of one of the apartment buildings.

I could not BELIEVE that this was an issue in the first place! If I brought a dog into a "park" like this, especially a little puppy, I would definitely keep it on a leash at all times. This isn't some small road, the park is directly beside the transitway! The fence is there, but it does not in any way enclose the area from the street. Both dogs were seconds away from being run over, or causing some serious traffic accidents. The owners are lucky that nothing happened, but they should be thinking not only of their dogs but also of the drivers.

I was just curious if any OC drivers (or other drivers in this area, even) have encountered similar problems with dogs running out from this area into the road.
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