November 3rd, 2007

I'm a bus rider, and I endorse this product

Just a thank you to whoever recommended the $29.99 noise isolating earphones from Radio Shack (I got the JVC ones). They are (almost) totally awesome!
- I don't have to listen to other peoples' shitty, too loud music
- No more overhearing awkward phone conversations
- Less damage to my ears (As a musician hearing loss sucks... A lot.)
And also, I can actually listen to classical music on the bus without having to hold my finger over the volume switch to turn it up at soft parts and down at loud parts. YAY! Plus the feeling of being in your own little bubble is kind of neat.

My only complaint is that the small foamy bits that were included are still too big for my ears so it hurts if I have them in for more than about 2 hours. The foam also gets dirty pretty easily if you just throw (my iPod is on its last legs anyway, and my bag isn't THAT big) your iPod into your bag like I do... And it's also a pain in the butt to warm up the foam if you keep your music player somewhere that's not always room temp.

Anyway, I highly recommend them especially if you ever get stuck on the to/from highschool busses.