October 19th, 2007

Why am I to blame??

just got a quick rant about some idiots i had to deal with tonight.

person 1- The lady gets on at Hunt club and Bank and immediately starts bitching at me because the E84 and C84 ahead of me drove past her and the 10 people at the bus stop, all i said was maybe they were full, then she rants and raves and is saying oh they were not full the drivers just didnt stop and at this point she is yelling at me... I kindly tell her to be quiet and to leave me alone if she can't talk to me in a calm manner and i tell her it is not my fault the 2 guys in front of me didn't stop and to be happy that i was nice enough to stop for her.

skip forward to the next stop across bank next to the loeb, theres a guy with his kid who is probably about 6 years old and he gets on and is covering his transfer and trying to be sneaky (when will they learn that if they just show the transfer like a normal person i wont notice if its expired or not) I ask if i can see it and it was expired by an hour.... He starts yelling at me saying that im an hour late.  All i do is point to my GPS with the nice big green 0 on it and say thanks for coming out, put in your fare or you can walk.. He starts yelling again and at this point im pissed because of the lady i dealt with a minute before and tells me to get out of my bus and look at the schedule and he can prove im an hour late, i say no thanks and that im not about to move out of my seat, he keep yelling and i just keep telling him hes not gonna win.  Finally i say fine i will check the schedule and the second he stepped off my bus i drove away, he turned around and punched the side of my bus (smart, i hope it hurt). And the lady i deal;t with a minute before decides to get involved and she says "oh thats just so wrong, he has a kid"...All i could say to her was mind her own business and to sit down,  i really dont care if the person has a kid, if hes yelling in my face and refuses to pay or leave on his own and is being aggressive he can go fuck himself..

And for the lady who said the 2 buses drove by her, i decided to let my supe know what happened and decided to ask about the 2 84's in front of me, big surprise they called in overloads from south keys....
Finally i let the lady off at her stop and apparently she usually takes the E84, i was a C all she can say is if i get mugged or raped walking through the park to go home it is your fault, i kindly said to have a nice night and enjoy here scenic walk home.

Also to the middle aged man at MAC bridge during rush hour today, fuck you too, how am i supposed to know you want my bus when you are taking your sweet ass time walking up from behind me and not making any motion that you want my bus?? Giving me the finger was just unecessary and i hope you enjoyed how rediculous you looked to the 100 or so people waiting at the platform.

Sorry, as you guys can tell it was a shitty night

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To the Driver of the 101 last night:

I seriously meant what I said. You're my new hero. I guess you saw my look of utter "oh crap" as you pulled away from the stop as I ran full tilt towards you, 'cause you stopped and waited for me. It reaffirmed my belief in humans - I'd just had several customers tear me a new one over pricing at work, and I figured I was going to have to either wait the half hour for the next 101, or take the 97 or 96 and end up further up Bank street.

So thanks again!

kb - road rage

A few quick thank you notes!

Both at Dominion station, where occasionally drivers just fly by:

To the driver of the 67 the other morning at around 6:45 AM: Thank you for picking me up. I didn't realize that the 67 was an express bus, since I used to take it in the other direction and it was a regular route. I really appreciated you taking me to Bayview anyway, even though all I had was a monthly pass. I made it to work on time that day thanks to you. (EDIT: Okay, so maybe the 67 hasn't become an express bus after all! I think the driver just had the wrong sign up.)

To the driver of the 95 Cumberland most mornings at 10:50-ish: You are always so kind, and I appreciate it every single morning, because you always see me and stop for me when I haven't quite gotten to the stop yet. You're a blessing.

And! To the people who have been checking fares SO MUCH on the O-train this year: I, for one, appreciate it. Nothing bugs me more than people riding buses and trains for free. I pay for my pass, and I always have, even when I was a starving student.

* * *

I got in trouble the other day for "holding the door" on the O-train (I was pressing the button each time the door closed so the young man getting a ticket would have time to hop on) and apparently, it's a... five thousand dollar fine for holding the door? Was that just an attempt at intimidation so that I don't do it again (and no matter how badly I feel for the people racing for the train next time, I won't press the button, sheesh) or is it ACTUALLY a five thousand dollar fine?
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