October 18th, 2007

Two ends of the intelligence spectrum...

Sitting at the back of the 166 Nepean North yesterday around 1:30 I found myself being stared at by a small infant. This in itself is rather insignificant as little children tend to do this, but what was an uncommon site was that the child was sitting on the mothers lap. The very intelligent mother had folded up her stroller and placed it on the flat surface that is on the shorter buses (where the wheel is). I actually said thank you to her on my way out for not blocking the entire aisle with a suv stroller. Her response? "I didn't like tripping over those things when I didn't have children, and there really isn't any reason for them."

On the other end of the intelligence spectrum was the three teenage boys at Bayshore bus station tonight playing hockey with a water bottle. Playing hockey on the side walk of the transit station is not only annoying for other busers but rather stupid. Though for you guys this didn't seem to idiotic enough, you had to run onto the road several times chasing the water bottle. I feel sorry for the bus drivers pulling in. You may have a death wish but I'm pretty sure no one wants to end their day by seeing you body splattered on the road, and more importantly you would be garunteeing that our buses would be delayed. Oh and I appreciate that you stopped smoking inside after I asked you not to.

Now after that bit of a rant, I have a question to you bus drivers and fellow riders. If you saw this going on, would you call security? As a driver would you appreciate individuals calling security to get them off the road? Also I have to ask, is there an actual security number?