October 17th, 2007


...My bad?

I have a question for the peoples who drive the bus...

I know you like your personal space and don't like when passengers (even cute ones) get too close, so I think maybe I'm making several hundred faux pas's. Or whatever the plural of that is. Anyways.

When I get on the bus and people board after me, I put my tickets in, ask for a transfer, and step forward to let the other people (with passes) board and find a seat, rather than hold up traffic. This puts me close to the driver, near his elbow, slightly behind his seat. Is this too close for comfort? I thought I was making things easier, but I don't want to creep out anyone... What do you think?

You had a rdie .. but

To the asshat on Carling last night around 1010,

Yes I saw you as you sprinted to the curb waving your arm for the bus.  Are you aware that it takes a little time for a bus to stop from 60 KM/hour?  I was stopping for you but, you decided that you didn't want to ride on my bus when you slammed your backpack and fist into the side of my bus.  If that was the way you were going to act on the outside of my bus, who knows what was in store once you were on the bus.

So let this be a lesson to you, violence gets you no where.  I hope that you enjoyed your 30 minute wait for the next 85.  I also hope that you were a little more relaxed and appreciative of the bus driver.

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