October 2nd, 2007

Bus tickets

I'm a day behind right now, still thinking its September. I forgot it was already October, and didn't buy a bus pass. I can remember asking the bus driver this question, but I don't quite remember his answer.

I have last months (septembers ) pink bus tickets. Are they still good? And also, I don't remember what month they are from but i have some yellow bus tickets from a couple months ago. Are they still good as well?? Trying to use theem up before I get a pass again, but thought I'd check here first.
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Sorry for posting twice!

Holy %@**%

70 bucks for a student express monthly pass...with an additonal fifty cent charged cause I used debt for it...? When the hell did the prices get to be so high!! -.-'' 60 bucks I don't mind. But still, I could have bought something else, like a lot of Tim Hortons Coffee with that money...Shiesh! now i have to wait for my next pay check (tears) My co-worker behind me at the lottery line up laughed because of my reaction. I'm not use to buying bus passes, my dad use to buy it for my brother and I, but now moneys an issue, I'm helping them out by buying it for myself. But come on... why not make it 100 dollars?? Felt like my heart just jumped two beats when she said how much it was...

If I was allowed to walk to Algonquin, I could. But with my knee the way it is, out of the question!
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(no subject)

To the driver of a random out of service bus who stopped for people along the way and took them on for free if they were going his way: THANK YOU. You are a wonderful person and I hope you never get in trouble for this random act of kindness.

To the driver of the 7 leaving St Laurent at roughly 7pm: A pox on you. I was ten feet away and *running*, and you closed the door literally as soon as the last person in line got their ass in the door, then pulled as far away from the curb as possible. I understand schedules, but would the three seconds it took me to get to the bus made that much of a difference? The people weren't even finished paying their fares when you pulled out. Asshole.
Simon's Cat

Yet another rant about the 4

I know it's been said before, but...

Being late for class because the 40' bus was too packed to pick up any more passengers is not cool. The complete lack of adherence to the schedule is also not cool. No buses for ages, then 3 in a row? WTF is that?!


Ah, Krispy Kreme...

To the bus driver on the 142,

Thanks for telling me that I can't have just one krispy kreme donut, that they're finger licking good, even better than KFC, but are deadly. Also, telling me the weather was nice, and hopefully your wife will not call you wrong. Finally, thanks for telling me not to forget my secret files, sony entertainment centres, 8 track player, and of course my bus pass.

You made my day. Your too cool.

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