October 1st, 2007


Least favourite station?

So a while ago we had a post asking everyone what their favourite bus station was, now how about your least favourite? I somehow suspect we will have more nominees... ;)

As for me, my vote goes to Laurier. Both sides are terrible - on the westbound side, there's nowhere near enough room between Tabaret Hall on the U of O campus and the edge of the sidewalk - the fact that it is both a sidewalk and a transit station means that it's annoying (and sometimes feels almost dangerous!) to both walk past the crowds of people, and for said crowds to reach their bus while stepping around people who are passing through.

The eastbound side, on the other hand, suffers from being just after the lights at the end of Mack King Bridge, meaning that during rush hour, all the buses tend to get piled on in spurts, making it difficult to pick out which buses, if any, are ones you need. I realize this happens at all downtown stops, but to me, it seems particularly bad at Laurier for some reason.
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Dear Schmuch Rollerblading Down the Transit-Way This Afternoon;

You're the asshat. Not the driver. There was no reason to be so rude to her - you're not supposed to be rollerblading/walking/running/biking down the transitway, for obvious safety reasons.

I'm not going to say that I hope you get smucked by a bus. I wouldn't wish that on the driver who'd have to do deal with the aftermath of hitting your sad-sack ass. I just hope that you trip and fall over and hit your un-helmeted head.


The girl who wasn't impressed.
14- Manson

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any student who lost their pass today someplace along bronson at laurier named EDWARD N...to let you know i turned it in to the 85 driver. hopefully you are getting it back soon.

this is of course assuming you read this place or someone you know does. word does get around though.