September 21st, 2007

I see it all now

Woman with SUV stoller and baby boards bus with Rover the dog.. She orders the two seniors out of the front flip up seat because she is 
now empowered. I tell her that those seats are not  reserved for stollers but the seniors want no trouble so they tell
me it's ok. A few stops later person boards with Fluffy the cat. Rover sees and smells the cat and goes after Fluffy. 
Woman with SUV stroller tries to contain Rover but cannot and all hell breaks loose. The commotion startles person
a few rows back who jumps up spilling her goldfish all over the floor. Fluffy sees lunch and jumps out of owners arms
to eat said goldfish. All this ruckus has awoken baby in SUV stoller and distracted mom from Rover to baby. Rover 
with new found freedom attacks Fluffy who is attacking goldfish. Fluffy now under the seat sees life is over as Rover
is pissed and coming fast. Fluffy jumps up on nearest passenger scratching and freaking out. Woman with SUV stroller
has calmed baby and now can grab Rover.  Rover is subdued, Fluffy has bloodied innocent passenger who is already
calling lawyer to sue city. Both Rover and Fluffy are scolded by owners for being bad pets. The operator of the bus,
"ME" hangs his head and wonders why he booked the #14.