September 12th, 2007


So, on the 118 Hurdman which was all packed up this morning round 9:20ish half the bus got off at Baseline for Algonquin. we walked to the intersection, and noticed that an old man triped (over his own two feet, or just over a stone we're not sure) he did land on his knee. People behind him stopped, people that got off my buss stopped as well. The man had 20 younglings help him out, (I stopped just to see if they needed an extra hand or incase his papers flew away) That made me really imipressed this morning. Normally when people get off a bus, (that i've seen) they just hurry to get to class. Even while waiting for the light a mother and her two kids were entertaining the people.

Hope that guy didn't hurt himself ^_^ and Kodos to everyone that helped him up
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(Almost) Bringing bloggability to the #96

I found a newly dead female goldfinch when I was walking to the bus this morning, so I absentmindedly picked it up and kept walking. (Naturalist at heart, I can't help it).

I thought "Maybe I could make a study skin", and "Hmm, I don't have a bag or anything to put it in", and "I bet no one would sit next to me if I just put it on my lap".

Then I realized I was about to become one of those Bus People, so I put it under a bush.

What weird things have you seen people bring on the bus?