September 11th, 2007


 It's not affecting me personally that much, since my full-time college/university days are over and I'm not a Carleton student.

But waiting at Heron station the past few mornings, I don't think I've yet to see a #4 that HASN'T driven right past being packed to the gills with Carleton students. The 10-15 prospective passengers typically waiting at Heron are understandably frustrated. If I was them, I'd be pissed.

What's going on here? Is it just the strike that's screwing this route up? Or is capacity just plain not big enough for the demand? It seems like OC's decision to switch from artics to regular 40-footers for this route was maybe not so smart...

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Dear OC Transpo,

I want to know why, after I had to rearrange my morning schedule to leave an hour early because the 84 I need to take to get to work on time may or may not show up on any given morning, I had to wait FORTY MINUTES for an 84 and was STILL late for work. The 7 was late, and I missed the 84 I was aiming for by a five minutes. No worries, another one comes in six or seven minutes, right? Wrong. No show. The next one, the one that may or may not come on any given day? Was full, and about ten of us were turned away. The next one got us (a co-worker and I live a few blocks from each other) to work almost ten minutes late. I normally like to think of myself as a kind and understanding person. A bus being late is just something that can't be helped sometimes. But I stood on that freaking platform for FORTY MINUTES and I am PISSED.

You suck, bus company. You suck hardcore. And I will be complaining in writing.

No love at all,
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