August 23rd, 2007


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Not sure if anyone has seen this, but it looks like OC Transpo has a shiny new Google Maps-powered system map available on their website. It's pretty slick, and I know for a fact that I'll probably end up using it lots when I need to figure out how to get somewhere.


Weird Al bring weird passengers...

After the Weird Al concert (at the Ex) I took the #1 to South Keys, and as it turns off of Bank before South Keys (it does a bit of a run into a neighbourhood for some reason) a bunch of people try to get off the back. It was one of those new-ish buses where you'll get decapitated if you're not careful to press the flat bar beside the door before you exit. This woman and man scream "WHOA WHOA YOU'RE TAKING OFF BEFORE WE'RE DONE HERE!" to which the driver replies "You have to hit the bar to keep the door open, I don't control it"

Makes sense?

The passengers then go off into this stupid explanation that they don't take city buses because they're from another city.

1) Who cares? Get TF off the bus
2) Really? Isn't that MORE of a reason to pay the fuck attention (Pay the fuck attention is my new favourite phrase) and READ THE SIGNS???
3) Shut up. You know how to get off, now get off. Why waste our time?

What, are we importing stupid now, too? We don't already have enough? :P

Last week...

I hardly ever complain about transit, because I grew up with a single mom who never got her drivers license (she failed the test so many times she's not legally allowed to ever take it again, lol), and a grandma who preached about the evils of "single passenger vehicles". So all my 21 years I've been taking transit, and you just learn to live with certain things, while still making your voice heard when things aren't working and change is needed. I'm not a passive-agrssive transit user. I'm an understanding transit user. When I travel I take transit. I've used systems in Calgary, Vancouver, White Rock, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Victoria, Kelowna, Hamilton, Oakville...should I go on?

But you know...when it's past midnight and I'm lost, and okay maybe a little drunk and I finally find a bus stop that'll take me to a station where I can make my way home, and the bus drives RIGHT PAST ME. I'm standing at the stop and I'm waving my arms in the air, and it shows no signs of stopping? I'm ready to hit up octranspo to complain.