August 16th, 2007



So I randomly came across this web page with traveller information to Ottawa and happened to notice this:

"Public Transit

The OCTranspo operates a world-class public transit system. The clean and easy-to-follow system includes many large transitway routes. Single adult fare is $2.60 Tickets and tokens may be bought in packets of five or more at a discount. Monthly/day passes are also available and can save frequent travelers money.

Note: Exact change or token/ticket is needed for boarding buses and streetcars and some subway stations. Transfers between vehicles and lines are available for continuous trips. Ask your driver or the station attendant if unsure. Make sure to obtain a transfer when you pay your fare.

Safety: At night, bus and streetcar drivers will let women disembark at requested en-route locations between stops. Stay behind the yellow line on subway platforms. All subway platforms have Designated Waiting Areas, which are monitored by video-cameras and have alarm buttons and a voice-link to the attendant. Look for the DWA sign.

Okay the first paragraph has some hyperbole, yeah, that's to be expected. The second paragraph, seems like useful advice that's good to know - wait? Subways? Streetcars? Umm... has Ottawa been hiding some sort of secret, high class public transit system from all of us? :p
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Booo Hiss!

Free Super Ex day=WORST day to take the #1 EVER!!!

The smelly guy with long skinny arms who sat next to me couldn't seem to sit still for ONE DAMNED MINUTE (I have very sensitive sides and he kept elbowing me and twitching around) some chick sat behind me and had the loudest and most ridiculous/asinine cell phone conversation EVAR and managed to both spill her drink and drop the can on the floor (my feet) and the crowd was pressing and bickering and generally just being annoying and impatient. I just pressed myself against the side of the bus and stared out the window the whole time.

I felt sorry for the driver. He seemed in high spirits though, was practically recuiting new bus drivers lol He made it seem like such a sweet job!