August 7th, 2007


Fall Schedules Are Up!

The new fall schedules are up.


94 will run all day (but not on weekends)
95 will be increased, up to every 2 minutes during the rush. (but it still doesn't go to Strandherd on weekends)

I guess they don't think that people might need to get to major shopping areas on the weekends.

96 will be increased, up to every 3 minutes during the rush. (everyone will still get off at Bayshore)
97 will be increased. (but probably not enough)
118 will be extended to Orleans. (peak period trips that start or end at Baseline, so its not the Kanata to Orleans route they they touted)


4 and 118 "Will mainly use regular low-floor buses instead of the larger articulated buses, and the frequency will be increased to avoid overcrowding." (WTF?)