July 20th, 2007

New 118 proposal

The topic on the 118 got a lot of response so I did a little checking. If you are at Baseline needing to go to Hurdman for connections or points further East, the 118 is a viable option. I picked a morning rushhour time and the 95 leaving Baseline at 7:45 gets to Hurdman at 8:09. Meanwhile the 118 leaves at 7:46 and arrives at 8:15, only a five minute difference. The 118's leaving Hurdman are usually empty as all the students are off to class and during rushhour the 95's are hard to keep on schedule so they probably arrive around the same time.  So if you want to sit on a non crowded bus and five minutes is no big deal there you go.


TTC Cuts

Just goes to show that we aren't the only ones to have worsening of service at the same time as raised fares.. Incidentally I once stayed at the house of someone related to that Adam Giambrone guy,haha..

Massive cuts, fare hike coming to Toronto transit: chair
'This is a horrible day,' Adam Giambrone says
Last Updated: Friday, July 20, 2007 | 7:53 AM ET
CBC News

Toronto's transit agency plans to close down its newest subway line, drop low-ridership bus routes and hike fares as a result of city funding shortages, the chairman said Thursday.

The massive cuts come in the wake of Mayor David Miller's defeat in his bid to impose new taxes that would have raised millions of dollars for the cash-strapped city.

The Toronto Transit Commission has reportedly been told to slash $100 million from its budget.The Toronto Transit Commission has reportedly been told to slash $100 million from its budget.

"This is a horrible day," Toronto Transit Commission Chair Adam Giambrone said. "This is going to have a dramatic effect on Torontonians, not just TTC riders."

An emergency meeting of the commission board is scheduled for Friday to formalize the cuts, Giambrone told reporters. The commission was told to slash $30 million from its budget this year and $100 million from next year's.

The proposed cuts include:

* Cancelling about 20 low-ridership bus routes, including the Dupont, Pharmacy and Calvington lines, as soon as October.
* Abandoning plans to put 100 new buses into service this fall, instead using them to replace old vehicles.
* Closing the Sheppard subway line at the beginning of 2008.
* Cancelling all planned service improvements.
* Hiking fares by 10 to 25 cents.
* Unspecified layoffs, mainly through attrition.
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Are there any public bathrooms on the transitway? Not including like in the mall at billings (which closes before the buses stop running)?
I ask because I have never noticed one, and although I am sure it would cost a pretty penny to upkeep, it seems like a pretty good idea. If you are on an hour plus commute (especially at night) and have to go, you are out of luck, and it sucks!