July 19th, 2007

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k ottawa i have loved u forever but ur making it hard 2 live here

Sorry if this has been posted....... drunk / too tired to check... but a little somethin something..

'Fare' Hikes Along the OC Transpo Route
Josh Pringle
Thursday, July 19, 2007

There could be a "fare" bump in the road for OC Transpo commuters.

The City of Ottawa is looking at ways for riders to pay a greater share of the cost of running OC Transpo.

One proposal is a five per cent fare increase every year from July 2008 to July 2010.

City Staff are also considering a one per cent fuel surcharge on the "average fare" to cover gasoline costs at OC Transpo.

Manager of Transit Services Helen Gault tells CFRA News an idea is floating around to introduce a transit zone system.

Gault says the zone system would make "the fare system a little fairer."

Currently, OC Transpo users pay less than 50 per cent of the total costs of operating the system.

via http://www.cfra.com

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Stopping at Rideau Centre Eastbound I tried a different tactic. I see a HUMAN BEING in a wheelchair, (is this OK zorbgoink), if this is confusing read last comments on this subject. Anyway, I stop the bus, secure it and open the back door only. Then I ask that everyone exit rear only as I have a wheelchair wanting wanting to board. I stand up open the front door and ask the throngs to wait while the gentleman in the chair boards first, No fuss no muss! We pulled out on time and everyone was happy, "I think".
you must be this tall

Service Changes for OC

OC Transpo to add east-west line
New route would bypass city core; service to tackle seating woes by bringing in 41 more buses
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i wonder how many people will actually take the 118 as an alternative to the transitway, especially going from orleans to baseline. i don't know how much of an improvement this is...
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Keep your conversations to yourself

This is more or less directed to those people on the bus talking on their mobile phones.

We (the other passengers and the driver) don't really want to hear what your plans are tonight.
We don't really care if your best friend made some crazy comment to a guy (that she doesn't know you are screwing) about your awful work habbits.
We don't really want to get involved in your petty mistrust issues with your girlfreind.  That means I won't talk to her on your cellphone to confirm that you are actually on the bus.  I am not the booty call arranger.  (Hello there's a business opportunity LOL)
We don't want to hear about your courtroom battles of the day.
Mostly, we just want you to have your private conversation in private and not share it with the rest of us.

Anyone else have anything to add ..... lol.

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