July 4th, 2007

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re: strollers

i don't think it's right, for people with strollers, to take up 5 seats.
if you have a stroller, and another child, that's 2, maybe 3 seats, that doesn't mean you can occupy another 2 seats as well..

i've seen this on numorous occassions, and it bother's me, i'd say something to the driver, but i don't think they'd take it seriously

everyone should have to fold up their strollers, no matter how big they are, and have their child sit on their lap.. but that's just my own opinion
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Smelly Bus People

Dear Bus Riders Of Ottawa:

Please wear deodorant.   Even if you don't want the aluminum in it, there's many natural alternatives, visit your local pharmacy, health food store, or even Wal Mart.... but please, don't be smelly on the bus, especially on damp days.  (Wearing  a bottle of perfume/cologne will not cover up B.O., it will only make you smell like perfume covered B.O.)

There seems to be a lot more smelly people on the bus (and not just the #2!) I know it's summer and all, but when people are gagging, or you're smelling up the entire bus, there's a problem.