July 1st, 2007

anya pathetic humans

Canada Day...

So tomorrow (well, today) is Canada Day, so we all know what that means....

Question for drivers, since you may have inside info: Late in the evening, will it be possible to get anywhere besides leaving downtown via OCTranspo? I avoid downtown like the plague on Canada Day, and I remember several Canada Day instances where I've been in the south end, trying to get further north, and having to wait at least an hour to catch a transitway bus up that way, because all buses were doing were leaving downtown, unloading along the transitway, turning around at the end and going back, without picking up return passengers.

Being as this is OC we're talking about, should I take it as a given that if I want to get home tomorrow from the south end, that I should make alternate arrangements, or have OC planners actually wised up to the fact that the rest of the city exists and needs service on Canada Day too?
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