June 1st, 2007

captain morgan

Bus on Bus Action

Did anyone else catch the bus on bus accident at Lebreton Thursday during the afternoon rush? It was one of those instances where the whole intersection was packed with busses and no cars or pedestrians could get by despite it being their light.

One bus tried to get out of the way by sneaking around a bus that didn't lay up far enough and ended up clipping the side of the bus it was passing and ripped one of the side panels right off of it.

Not really anyone's fault - the one bus shouldn't have tried to make such a tight pass, and the stationary bus should have moved up as soon as there was room. He wasn't boarding or deboarding passengers. He was just sitting there causing traffic problems - perhaps waiting for a shift change.

Has anyone ever encountered inter-OC bus accidents before? Drivers, do you ever have to deal with your peers driving poorly or been in such an accident?