April 16th, 2007

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I take the 182 to work every morning and usually i take an earlier trip. Today i took the last one that leaves Hurdman.

I would like to thank the bus driver that drives this bus. He did an awesome job. Every time we stopped we'd have to back up and gain ramming speed to get over the slush pile that formed when we stopped. I'm not sure why, but i found this hilarious. Even more funny was when we had to stop behind the 95 at that stop before Lincoln Fields and push them from their rut. I felt like i was in a tug boat. We ever so slowly nosed up behind them and then gunned it. Sliding all over the place and tires spinning.

Oh noes, the big 95 can't move, it's up to the tiny 182 rush hour bus to give them a push. Ahahaha! It was great.

Thank you 182, for highly amusing me on my way to work.


Haha, my condolences go out to the man waiting right in front of me at the Smyth platform this morning. An out-of-service bus came tearing down the transitway and literally pounded him with a pile of slush. He was knocked almost to the ground and there was a sound against the shelter glass like someone threw a couple of wet sandbags at it.

He turned around and looked at me with clods of slush falling off of him and gave me the most disgusted and beaten-down look ever.

Here's hoping that bus drivers, and everyone, will remember to take pity on pedestrians today and not splash them any wetter than they already are.
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I understood the chaos early this morning, late buses, packed buses etc.  That's fine, I dealt with it. 

What I didn't understand was waiting almost 40 minutes near Lincoln Fields for a #2 that never came.  (this was around 11am)

 The number 2 starts at Bayshore, under no circumstances caused by slush and snow (except an accident) should it take that long for a bus to come.   I got there 14 minutes before it was due to arrive.  After waiting 40  minutes I got fed up and walked to catch the 9 downtown.

The odd thing is the 97 and 85 (also coming from Bayshore) were running fine, and once downtown the #2's were running pretty decent (as decent as expected for the number 2)

I don't understand what happened to that number 2 this morning,  did it just not come?   Even if the schedule, and the phone line were wrong, it comes every half hour, so I should have still seen one.

Strange morning.