March 30th, 2007

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Thank you 166 Nepean and 118 Kanata bus drivers, you made my day. Tuesday night as I dashed madly for the 166 bus stop with a friend you greeted us with a smile and a cheery, "you caught the bus!" You could've passed us (which would be totally reasonable as you were on schedule and we were late)but you didn't and you were pleasent.

Mr. 118 bus driver Wednesday around 2:15 at the Shoppers on Richmond you have to be one of the most pleasent drivers I've met. You greeted me with a smile (for some reason I think you were just trying to not laugh at my frantic dash to get to your bus before everyone got off) and when you had to make a quick stop while I was standing you apologized. Finally as I got off you wished me a good night. Thank you.

Now for the not so rosey part of riding the oc transpo buses, certain passengers. The passengers in question are the Bell High School students catching the 166 Nepean Center after school. Most of you I've gathered are in the gifted program at the school so you should have enough common sense that when boarding the bus you move to the back. You're benefiting no one by standing in the front when there are empty seats surrounding you. In fact today you got in the way of an eldery lady as she tried to make her way to an empty seat, I just about grabbed you to get you out of the way. I also realize you like your boyfriend, but the front wheel is not a place to lean on him taking up the aisle. So please use some common sense, clear the aisle and give up the priority seats for those who deserve it.

new aerials of ottawa

microsoft's virtual earth/live local team posted some new high resolution aerials of Ottawa.. it's during a moderately busy time, so it's pretty cool seeing all the buses

here's a link to hurdman

lots of buses on slater

anyone else find cool things?

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dear males on the bus:

your dick is really not that big. honestly. you don't need to sit like you're packing a ten foot python, because, well.. your peen is actually not two seats wide.

the only thing that's possibly worse than that is seeing you or having you sit beside me with your hand clutching your crotch, gangsta-style, like you have to take a really bad piss or something.