March 26th, 2007

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maybe i'm just a total inconsiderate bitch, but does it makes sense to anyone else that maybe people with baby suvs and old people (or any people for that matter) who have grocery buggies should get on the bus last?
it just doesn't make sense to me to let these people on first and block the whole aisle between priority seating while other people who are getting on have to shuffle and squeeze around them ESPECIALLY WHEN THE BUS DRIVER WON'T OPEN THE BACK DOORS. i'm pretty patient when i'm on the bus and waiting for people to settle down into their respective places, but sometimes people behind me aren't and i've been pushed into these contraptions a number of times.
i understand that these people take priority and that's why they have these designated seats and it's just common courtesy to let them on before you but somehow, in reality, it just doesn't work out very well.